Tangerine Tango

We have been really feeling the Tangerine Tango here at Hammerpress lately. This cheery color was chosen by Pantone as 2012's color of the year, and it seems to be everywhere these days in clothing, homewares, and even cosmetics. You can't deny the excitement of Tangerine Tango! 

The story behind this exalted color is that Pantone (the renowned color authority) declares one particular color each year to reflect and represent the spirit of the times. For 2012, the upbeat Tangerine Tango is meant to provide a burst of vigor to keep us charged and energized. And it just so happens that it's an awesome color to look at.

Here are some shades of the tango around the shop... 


Do you feel energized now?


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dani press
dani press

July 05, 2012

ENERGIZED. this stuff is awesome. xo.

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