May 03, 2012


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Austin, TX

The Black Keys & Volkswagen-sized disco ball, Bolivian blankets at Tesoros Trading Co, seeing pink at Jo's Coffee, the sweet puppy we almost adopted

Everybody needs a break now and then, right? Lindsay is getting ready to open her new espresso bar and soda fountain, Little Freshie, so we decided it would be a good time to get a little last minute down time in one of our favorite places, Austin, TX. There's never any shortage of amazing food, drink, and generally inspiring things to see in this town and this time was fantastic as always. Jo's Coffee always hits the spot - too much money spent here as always, but it's just so easy to want to hang out and enjoy the sun all day at this place. Hotel San Jose - this is maybe the best place on earth. It is perfect in so many ways and the folks that work here are always so nice. Perfect thing at 5-ish in the evening -  Modelo with lime, Champassion, Olives and Edamame. 

Hotel San Jose

We always try to stop in at Spartan even if we don't buy anything. It's beautiful. Sadly, they were closed for remodeling and making room for their new partners in the space, JM Dry Goods. We look forward to the next trip to Austin to see this sure to be amazing collaboration. The Corner Shop Mall - do you like taxidermy? OK, good. Then you should go to this place because it is totally insane. You drive up to two open shipping containers lined with prong horns, boars, deer, moose, mountain lions, hyena and a tent with a mound of antlers the size of a small house. luckily I was broke and we were flying or I may have come back with a new prize.

Taxidermy at The Corner Shop Mall, Bolivian blankets at Tesoros Trading Co., JM Dry Goods, dinner at Hillside Farmacy




July 09, 2012

will do, nina. we <3 austin!

nina gordon
nina gordon

June 07, 2012


you guys should stop by my shop next time you are in austin!

take heart

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