July 12, 2012

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Terra Incognita

We were honored to be asked to design and print the labels for this years collaboration between Boulevard Brewing Company (Kansas City) and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (California) for SAVOR - an American craft beer and food experience held this June in Washington D.C.

Boulevard Brewing Company started in 1989 by entrancing their hometown with their full flavored beers and unique packaging. One early memory of Boulevard was in the early nineties, seeing these amazing beer boxes strapped onto the back of Kansas City Art Institute kid's bicycles carrying their books and such. Well Boulevard quickly took over Kansas City, becoming a heavy-hitter in the craft beer movement. And this brewery has continued to grow their reputation as, arguably, the best beer in the country.

The designs for the Terra Incognita label were executed completely on press with handset lead type. Once the design was finalized, we printed a limited edition of 5000 labels from magnesium plates, created from the handset design. Each bottle was labeled by the hand's of Boulevard employees, Hammerpress staff and other friends during a festive labeling party. We were delighted to join in the hand labeling process, especially with the test keg of this small batch brew on hand!

label proposals with concept sketches

hand setting the lead and wood type

hand applying the labels

the finished product, cheers!


1 Comment


September 04, 2012

So amazing! Your commitment to letterpress really shows. This is the best thing I’ve seen come off a press in a LONG time. Bravo!

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