September 13, 2012


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Summer of '12

We all stayed pretty busy this summer... Brady's taxidermy collecting, Matt's do-it-himself kitchen renovations, Lindsay opening her (and our) dream shop, Little Freshie, Katie and Fredrick's half-cross-country travels, Debbie's Texas engagement, Jenn's first camping trip ever, Bobby's move here from Ohio, Britta's puppy dog adoption, and our Hammerpress + Little Freshie pot luck/late night charades,... yes, in between all that, we made some pretty great things!  Here's a glimpse into our summer happenings. No pics of late night charades though.

Heart of Darkness & The Grisly Hand Poster 

Mysterioso Industrioso Art Print & Bottle Label

The Local Pig Thanksgiving Turkey Sign-Up

All-Star Game Hand Bill

Custom Wedding Invitations

Washed Out Poster

Great Plains Series Art Prints - (also available as a card set!)

Our dear Kara Laricks just had her first show at New York Fashion Week. We were honored to create the invitations for this special event.

Sleeve for a limited edition version of Nocturne, the latest release from the lovely music-makers, Wild Nothing.

Now here's to cooler temps and crispy leaves! Stay tuned.



September 28, 2012

The limited-edition Wild Nothing album is currently ‘unavailable’ on Captured Tracks, so I’m not sure where to direct you. Maybe Love Garden could find one?
Good luck!


September 21, 2012

Wait, how do I get my hands on that limited-edition Wild Nothing awesomeness?


September 14, 2012

Little Freshie loves you wacky Hammerpress people.

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