We all stayed pretty busy this summer... Brady's taxidermy collecting, Matt's do-it-himself kitchen renovations, Lindsay opening her (and our) dream shop, Little Freshie, Katie and Fredrick's half-cross-country travels, Debbie's Texas engagement, Jenn's first camping trip ever, Bobby's move here from Ohio, Britta's puppy dog adoption, and our Hammerpress + Little Freshie pot luck/late night charades,... yes, in between all that, we made some pretty great things!  Here's a glimpse into our summer happenings. No pics of late night charades though.

Heart of Darkness & The Grisly Hand Poster 

Mysterioso Industrioso Art Print & Bottle Label

The Local Pig Thanksgiving Turkey Sign-Up

All-Star Game Hand Bill

Custom Wedding Invitations

Washed Out Poster

Great Plains Series Art Prints - (also available as a card set!)

Our dear Kara Laricks just had her first show at New York Fashion Week. We were honored to create the invitations for this special event.

Sleeve for a limited edition version of Nocturne, the latest release from the lovely music-makers, Wild Nothing.

Now here's to cooler temps and crispy leaves! Stay tuned.