Hammerpress Holiday Gift Guide

If you're looking for that last-minute gift or ideas on how to spend your hard-earned holiday bonus, here's a list of things we think are particularly great from shops that we love.

Sideshow Sign Co. : Racehorse Track Roll
Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. : Egg Press Wall Art
Cobra Rock Handmade Boots

Kara Laricks' : Hood + Scarf
VK Designs : Rough Diamond Ring
Love Adorned : Casbah Rug Towel by Fresco

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction : Sage Craft Spirit
Filson : Levi's Tote Bag
Budnitz Bicycles : No.3 Honey Edition

We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday. See you next year!

Brady, Matt, Jenn, Britta, Debbie, Bobby, Felicia & Sarah

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