Weddings : Testimonials

I want to let you know how much I love the invitations. They are beautiful, the color is perfect, and I couldn't believe how fast I got them. I am a printmaker myself, and nearly squealed when I saw the blocks in the box as well. They will certainly be a wonderful keepsake. I remember finding my grandmother's plates from her wedding invitations, that she kept her whole life, and I hope you know how special it is to me that you sent mine along.
— Taryn & Keith Oakhurst, NJ

Thank you, guys! We love how everything turned out, and really, very much appreciate all of your work. As I told Brady before, you are one of the handful of vendors that are a pleasure to work with, reliable, responsive, communicative, and that we looked forward to encountering! We're grateful to have had your help in this part of our wedding prep.
— Jayne & Kelly Kansas City, MO

We received [our invitations] yesterday!!!!!!!! I squealed and danced a jig. I CANNOT get over how PERFECT they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I already thought they were going to be incredible from the proof, but when I actually got to open and hold one in my hands, I can't even describe. They sent me over the moon!!! They honestly could not be more perfect. They fit the theme of our wedding perfectly and my family is ecstatic about them.
— Lyndsea & Ethan Somerville, AL

We received the invitations yesterday and they are perfect. It was also a pleasant surprise to find the plates in the box, we have decided to put them up on the wall. Thanks for all your help.
— Laura & Wade
San Francisco, CA

Thank you--and thanks so much for being so helpful! We are so happy with how everything has turned out and I will definitely recommend Hammerpress to my friends in the future.  Thanks again!
— Sara & Lucas • Ottawa, IL

Just wanted to pass along the feedback we've gotten from friends. We sent out our invites on tuesday morning and by wednesday we heard from 3 friends that these were the coolest invites they've ever seen. Thanks again for all your work.
— Sarah & Nathan
Portland, OR

Just letting you know that I have the invites next to me and I'm very happy with them! Thanks for working with me! I love how they turned out.
— Shaunna & Jason Sonoma, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I am so so happy with how everything turned out. Everything is just perfect. Thank you so much for sending such positive and creative energy into this project over the past months. It's been a lot of fun working with you. Thanks a millon.
— Lauren & Travis Dallas, TX

I can't even begin to tell you how special and amazing [our invitations] are. We spent time just appreciating each one and imagining all the work that went into it. Dan is a carpenter and a silkscreener, so this meant so much to work with folks who have that same handmade aesthetic. And as for me, I grew up going to weddings on Long Island in the 80s, so every time I come across a wedding vendor who believes in individualism and art, I am pleasantly surprised and excited. We can't wait to send them out and show everyone! (And we are framing one for ourselves because we are just so damn happy to look at them.)
— Keira & Dan • Cambridge, MA