Who we are

Hammerpress is a letterpress print shop and graphic design studio located in Kansas City, Missouri. Since 1994, we have specialized in fine letterpress printing of greeting cards, posters, custom invitations, and other special projects for clients and designers all over the country.

Our Space

Here in our 5000 square foot studio located in the historic West Bottoms District, we design and print all of our greeting cards and posters on our collection of letterpress machines. In addition to our line of wholesale products, we offer custom design and printing services for invitations, business cards and other stationery products for businesses or individuals. We also work with other designers and agencies on production printing for all sorts of projects.

What is letterpress?

Letterpress printing is the process of using metal or wood type that is inked and pressed against paper. It is a relief printing technique that produces an impression in the paper making it distinctively different from offset printing. Originally, letterpress was limited to the type and ornament that a print shop had "on file" (big, heavy type cabinets), however, now we can design for letterpress digitally and have plates made of the final design for print.