Custom Printing

Our custom design and print work covers a wide variety of occasions, uses, formats and processes. From a small run of custom designed and foil printed wedding invitations, a large run of 80,000 custom foil printed  and die cut hang tags, a limited edition mystical decoder ring in shiny metallic inks with eyelets for a clients on line mailing list, or a limited edition run of letterpress printed concert posters designed using our large collection of hand set wood and lead type and ornaments.

We have a wide variety of capacities including but not limited to... letterpress printing, foil stamping, die cutting, pin hole perforation, hand assembly and other finishing processes like corner rounding, wire binding, saddle stitching as well as high fiving.

We can also print for other designers for all sorts of projects including, but not limited to, the long list of things in the copy above, but we might mention here that we also do coasters, beverage labels, stickers and labels and we can gladly source other production methods if a project that has companion pieces that you might need, you know, like mugs, t-shirts, maybe custom pens or pencils. Whether it's one piece, although to be honest that's always going to be kinda pricey, or 100,000,000 pieces, Hammerpress would love to work with you on your cool projects.

Below are some of our favorite and recent projects that highlight some of these elements and processes with the exception of the high fives mentioned previously. Feel free to reach for a quote on your project at, or if you are in Kansas CIty, we'd gladly schedule an appointment to discuss in person and show you more of our samples here at our shop.